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Meet Our Creative Team

The Team at Langoni Graphix Solutions offers creative skills, experience and quality designs so that any project we handle can be tackled with perfection. Our in-house experts are trained, seasoned professionals, friendly and have the ability to bring change whenever needed.

Shauna Wilson

Senior Graphic Designer

Shauna Wilson is a creative artist and a graphic designer in our company. She has worked for many renowned brands in Australia. Her posters, logos and custom illustrations have been extensively recognised among our clients. She has been working with us for more than 5 years. Her work speaks for itself, and that’s why she is an integral part of our graphic design team.

Mason Thomas

Graphic Designer/Logo Designer

Mason was born in Canberra in 1991, and is leading the graphic design team at Langoni Graphix Solutions. He is a man with great designing skills and has been doing commendable work in the graphic design field. Mason has created thousands of unique, elegant and customised logos for organisations in Australia. He has around 12 years of experience, which can be reflected in his quality of work and logo designs.

Harvey Ryan

Graphic Designer/Brochure Designer

Harvey Ryan is one of the most trusted team members in our company. His great design visionary helped us in impressing big brands and world-renowned organisation. He has years of experience in creating beautiful, informative and interactive brochure for food industry, hospitality sector, and retail industry. The correlation of colour and light can be seen in his artwork. His brochure designs are popular all across the country- thanks to his creative visionary.

Luca Bell

Logo Designer/Branding Expert

Luca Bell was born in Perth. He is a graphic designer, logo artist and a branding expert in this company. His pioneering designs helped many businesses to boost their brand image. His work had been received a lot of appreciation across the community around Australia. He made various posters, illustrations and developed branding strategies for many renowned companies in different sectors.

Joshua Clark

Creative Designer

Joshua has been working with our company for last 8 years with the same dedication and enthusiasm. He has years of experience in the graphic design field and his specialisation in Design Concept, Visualisation and Creating Thinking made him an important part of our company. With more than 8 years of experience, Joshua can design projects with a variety of media. His portfolio includes Brochure Design, Brand Identity Design, Package design, web design, flash films, etc.

Clara Parker

Poster Designer

Clara Parker is a dedicated, experienced and capable graphic designer at Langoni Graphix Solutions. She has delivered more than 100 posters using her creative skills. Her experience in creating interactive and alluring posters is great, and that’s why she has been working with us. She has worked with various ad agencies and now working with us since 2016.

Samuel Turner

Web Designer

Born and brought up in Sydney, Samual Turner is a young and enthusiastic professional at our company. He has a blend of creative web designing skills and technical experience which separates him from others. Since his joining, he has completed more than 200+ website designing projects with excellence. His quality of work and creativity is what that keep inspiring other web designers at our company.

Bella Moore

Web Designer

Bella is a young, independent and creative web designer in Langoni Graphix Solutions. She has been working with us since 2018, and delivered more than 100 projects till now. She is known for her new design concepts and trends- which is great for creating unique websites. From WordPress to e-Commerce, she has designed various websites for clients across Australia. Bella has got expertise in designing user-interactive, responsive and stable websites for different business sectors.